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Re: [Samba] Windows pre-requisites for login with winbind?

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017 17:13:12 +0000
"A. James Lewis" <james@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm inclined to agree with you regarding resolveconf, but I don't
> think that's the issue here, clearly it was able to get the name and
> IP of the AD server.... and connect to it.
> The error from kinit had the hostname of one of the AD servers in it,
> that name is not in the config, and that address was reachable... so
> I can't think that it's DNS.
> What is worrying me is if this is valid, to have the domain in
> twice:- cifs/LOCAL_AD02.domain.local@DOMAIN.LOCAL in the kinit error
> from auth.log
> I'd love to solve this issue too... but I started with one issue, and
> now I have 2... LOL!

That is perfectly normal, so stop worrying

There is an easy way to try and prove if it is a dns problem (which i
am sure it is)


<the DCs ipaddress> <the DCs hostname>.domain.local <the DCs hostname>

to /etc/hosts


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