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Re: [Samba] AutoFS

On Mon, 21 Aug 2017 11:48:39 +0200
Jeremy Guasco <jguasco+samba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you for the reply.
> I can create the "dn: OU=automount" but when I want to create  "dn:
> OU=auto.master,OU=automount" I have the following error :
> ERR: (Object class violation) "objectclass: the objectclass
> 'organizationalUnit' seems to be unrelated to automountMap!" on DN
> OU=auto.master,OU=automount,dc=corp,DC=lncsa,dc=com at block before
> line 15 Modify failed after processing 0 records

How did you add the schema you found on the Samba wikipage ?


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