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Re: [Samba] Share access problem

On Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:45:02 -0400
<Sebastien.Boulianne@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Good morning Rowland,
> I agree, the user boubou is a local user and an AD user too.
> If I use another user, vakjak:
> # getent passwd vakjak
> vakjak:*:11049:10004::/home/DOMAIN:/bin/bash
> I got that output so I bet its right.
> How can I login with a login name as Sebastien[space]Boulianne on
> Samba ?

You login with the samaccountname, which may be 'boubou', I am unsure
because I do not know how 'boubou' was created in AD. You will first
need to delete the 'boubou' user in /etc/passwd and if the
samaccountname is 'boubou', then, after you run 'net cache flush',
'getent passwd boubou' should produce a different result. You will then
need to 'chown boubou:Domain\ Users' on any files or directories owned
by 'boubou'

As an aside, I take it the gidNumber for Domain users is 10004 and the
windows RID for vakjak is 1049


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