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Re: [Samba] How does SMB 3.0 encryption work?

It does, thanks.

So if the password is known, or the KDC compromised, then in principle MITM becomes possible?

On 2017-08-14 15:28, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
On Mon, 2017-08-14 at 06:45 -0400, Daniel Benoy via samba wrote:
Is it perhaps using your password somehow? Like, if an attacker knew the
password that the client is using to connect, would it then be able to
MITM and watch all the writes and reads that client performs, but since
an attacker is unlikely to know your password already, then they're
unable to know the initial symmetric cipher that each side is
expecting... or something like that?

This is essentially correct, for NTLM.

For Kerberos, it is the shared secret between the KDC and the file
server, and then the password between you and the KDC.

I'm drastically simplifying and in both cases, session keys are not
directly the password, but things encrypted with the password and

It isn't public key based.

I hope this helps,

Andrew Bartlett

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