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[Samba] cifs mount | then change password on DC


Not sure if this is the place to ask, but:

We have user who uses mount -t cifs to mount his files on his machine.

Then this user changed his AD password. Then, suddenly his account started to become LOCKED_OUT on the AD DCs, because of too many FAILED with error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

After umounting the cifs mount, the FAILED with error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD disappeared, and the account no longer LOCKED_OUT.

So, it seems mount -t cifs keeps trying the password it remembers (even though it became outdated aka previous) again and again, until the account becomes LOCKED_OUT.

Is there a way to prevent this behaviour? I'd rather have the mount point disappear/become invalid, rather then retried over and over again.

For the record: mount.cifs version 6.4 (debian jessie)


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