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Re: [Samba] Error while transferring fsmo-roles

> After demotion and reinstallation I joined DC1 with success again, but all SRV-entries (_kerberos, _ldap, _kpasswd)
> were not generated.

SOLVED, everything works fine.

The DNS-SRV-entries were not generated, because after transferring the roles, the SOA-entries for all zones contained
still the old DC which didnt exist anymore. I changed to the new PDC. Same for the DNS-entry _msdcs->pdc.
After this change the DCs wrote the missing entries into the DNS.

Another problem I had with the tool "Active Directory Sites and Services". The information about the DCs were
incomplete for the newly joinned DCs. I compared the attribute list and saw, that the attribute "serverReference" was
empty. But a check with "ldbsearch" showed a value for this attribute (serverReferenceBL). Was like the value had
a hidden character the tool "Active Directory Sites and Services" couldnt interpret.
After rewriting this value everything worked.

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