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Re: [Samba] Error while transferring fsmo-roles

> I faced the same problem, solved it by adding the line
> import samba.drs_utils
> to the file fsmo.py.
> When building samba yourself, from withtin the base directory you can
> apply this patch file to do it for you:

Thank you Nobert.
Indeed the line "import samba.drs_utils" is missing, although I'm using the repositories from Sernet.
According to "samba-tool fsmo show", the roles were in spite of the error successfully transfered.
Was the transfer completed or can it be there is something missing ?
What about the DNS-entry "_msdcs->pdc->_tcp" ? Isn't it an entry for the PDC ? Because after I transfered
the roles, this DNS-entry didnt change, I changed manually.


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