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Re: [Samba] Not enough storage space error

Hello Marc,

Hi Anantha,

Am 02.08.2017 um 17:39 schrieb Anantha Raghava via samba:
Today, when we attempted to move couple of users from one OU to another,
Windows RSAT reported /*"Windows cannot move object. Ther*//*e *//*is
not enough storage space*//*"*/. Our servers have 300 GB Storage more
that 270GB is free on the storage. At the moment we have added about
1000 users and about 450 computers into domain. Overall, we will add
about 7500 users and equal no of computers to domain. I also noticed
that RSAT lost the connection to domain all of a sudden. However, when I
restarted the samba-ad-dc service, it reconnected. I am able to add new
computers and new users into domain. But moving the user from one OU to
another is throwing above error.

I believe the DB is a 32 bit one and should support upto 4 GB. When I
checked in /usr/local/samba/private folder the size of smb.ldb file is
about 4.1 MB and rest of the ldb and tdb files are around 1 MB in size.

Just some thoughts and things you can check:

* Do you move only one or a few user objects or a large number at once?
It depends. Sometimes one, many a times around 10 belonging to same group at once.

* Does it happen also for other objects (computer accounts or groups)?
We did not try. While we are adding the PCs to domain, we are working to reproduce our Organization Structure in AD OU and group structure.

* Have you checked if there is maybe no free RAM left?
Our physical server has 64 GB RAM. Utilization is only about 13%. Our Virtual Server has 16 GB RAM. Utilization is about 43%

* Does it work after you restart Samba or reboot the host?
Yes, it works after restarting the samba-ad-dc service.

* I guess you already checked that the mount point, where your Samba
databases are located, is not full.
samba databases are on "/". It has more than 270 GB free on physical server and on Virtual Server it more than 24GB free.

* Does "samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs" reports any errors? Run it on
all Samba DCs.
Will check & report back.

* Do you see any errors in the log when you try to move an AD entry?
Increase the log level, in case you don't see anything interesting:
Log level is set to 3 from day one. Log is too large. However, I did not notice anything related to this particular error. Will check in detail once again.

* Do you have multiple DCs? If yes, can you temporarily shut down Samba
on all DCs except one and connect ADUC to this one and retry. And then
do the same with an other DC. Just to make sure that it's not related to
one DC.
Will check & let you know.

* Is this a new environment or is it an older AD that was more or less
frequently updated?
This is a new environment.

From last two days, samba, all of a sudden, cutting off all users from domain. It even fails to list domain controllers from RSAT. When we restart samba-ad-dc service, it starts working again. Except a flood of user log in attempts (many failed), did not see much information from logs? Do you suggest, we increase the log level to 4 and above to get more information?

Another point for you to note. We use the same limited admin account to add PCs to domain from multiple places. Would it have caused something, resulted in this strange behaviour?




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