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Re: [Samba] Incompatibility Windows 7

wikipedia has a comparison


SMB1 = NT1

WIndows 7 does not support SMB3 it won't negotiate to use it. Windows 10 does support SMB3 which means it will try to negotiate to use it - and since SMB3 doesn't seem to be implemented properly in Samba it then causes problems.

I don't know if SMB2 works ok with Windows 10 clients- most machines in my samba domain are windows 7 Pro (desktop) and Windows 2008/2008R2 (server.) SMB2 caused issues with WIndows 7 and 2008. A Windows client could make one file sharing connection to a samba server but not additional ones. Very weird. I don't know if the problem was with SMB 2.x on the samba file servers or SMB2.x on the samba domain controllers.

On 07/21/17 09:42, Manon JEANJEAN wrote:
What i don' understand is Windows 7 works in SMB3 but not Windows 10 whereas when I am in NT1 it's contrary windows 10 works but not Windows 7...
What's the difference between NT1 and SMB3 who provoc this...

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In October,  when samba was patched for "badlock" I had to set the following

          client signing = auto
          client ipc signing = auto
           server signing = auto

otherwise some of the signing behavior was defaulting on on.   You may
want to try turning some of the signing options to auto or off.

I am also using NT1 as the min and max server and client protocol.   SMB
2.x causes problems.

I am running Samba 4.4.14 on my domain controllers and key file servers.  I think Samba 4.2.x is end-of-life so at some point there will
be some windows update that will break compatibility.    I had Samba
3.6.x running last year and I couldn't keep it working anymore.

On 07/21/17 08:32, Manon JEANJEAN via samba wrote:
Hello again,

False Server max protocol = NT1 doesn't work because all my server fell there are 20 minutes.
So it's necessary to find a new idea.

Thank you.

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Hello everybody

Ok Marco, I'm reassured to look you have the same problem.
My friend speak of NTML for my problem, it can help me?
What is NTML?

Thank you

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[Samba] Incompatibility Windows 7
Mandi! Manon JEANJEAN via samba
   > In chel di` si favelave...

I'm still in these situation, a samba4 NT-like domains with windows 7 pro clients.
The error reads : There are currently no log on servers available to
service the log on request
I'm hitting this also i, recurring but ''random''; apart effectively troubled box (eg, a box that boot bad, do an automatic rollback from a restore point and so lost the machine account) i hit errors like these, normally in twin with user password change troubles.
Tipically it sufficies to look at windows updates, most of the time the box have some update stuck or half-installed, and so a windows update runnign and a reboot fix the trouble.
All these sort of troubles start last autumn by the infamous KB3167679 update, that broke for a month or so NT domains.
Rowland, i've not set:
	Server max protocol = NT1

   >but, as stated, these trouble are spot and random...

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