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Re: [Samba] steps for fileserver replacement

On 11-7-2017 15:06, lists via samba wrote:
Hi all,

Thanks for the interesting suggestions, Rowland, Marco and Louis!

I'll do some testing, keep my notes, and when everything turns out working, I'll write something up for the wiki.

So, if I may, an additional question further to the smb.conf option:
netbios aliases = ...

Suppose my old server is called files_old and the new files_new, both are now functional.

Yesterday evening I tried testing the actual replacement, by shutting down smbd/nmbd/winbind on the files_old, and adding
netbios aliases = files_old
on smb.conf on member server files_new

To my surprise, this did not work. Using \\files_new I could still access everything, but \\files_old gave a username/password popup.

In fact, I tested setting netbios aliases to all kinds of random stuff, and they all work. Only in the case of an AD computer name (or perhaps a previously used netbios name?) it does not work. Is that so? Is this expected?

In which case, I could remove the files_old$ computer account from AD, and assume that it would work then. It would make reverting the replacement a bit more difficult.

I also noticed that you can change the ip address for the domain member server without an issue, everything still works with a new ip. So that's cool :-)


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