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[Samba] samba-4.5.10 member server: issues around locks

(new thread, same environment)

Clients get thrown out of their software from time to time because of
issues with some ISAM db files (afai understand).

They access customer-related files and some DAT-file gets locked by the

I tried to exclude that specific filename from locking:

veto oplock files = /BL6F.DAT/

Unfortunately that wasn't enough.

I now set for that share:

level2 oplocks = No
oplocks = No

and wait for feedback if that happens again.

* I assume the client has to reconnect, "killall -HUP" seems not to
change that behavior for existing connections?

* Is there a recommended best practice to find the correct level of
locking for a share? What to disable first ... etc ?

* I run loglevel 3 and increased log file size to maybe catch such a
dropped connection issue.

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