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[Samba] steps for fileserver replacement


In the near future we are going to replace our current fileserver (domain member server in a samba4 AD) with new hardware, and new fresh debian 9 installation.

I don't want to upgrade the old installation, but completely reinstall. So, should it simply work to:

- install the new machine with a random temp name / ip
- make it also a domain member server (under the temp name)
- configure winbind for nsswitch AD uid/gid on new server
- turn off samba on the old server (to prevent client access)
- rsync the user files from the old to the new server
- make sure file/dir ownerships/permissions match the old server
- turn off the old server
- put the old server ip on the new server
- put old server hostname on the new server
- adjust smb.conf for the new hostname
- rejoin domain with the new hostname
- restart the new machine

And, since the new server has now the same ip / dns / netbios name as the old server, should all GPO (drive mappings) 'just work' as if nothing was changed?

Or if there is a (wiki) doc on this, kindly point me to it, as I couldn't find it...


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