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Re: [Samba] [3.6.6] nmbd reachable on Safe?

Am 09.07.2017 um 14:18 schrieb Winfried via samba:
Samba - General mailing list wrote
I would be more worried about the fact you are still using a version of
Samba that went EOL quite some time ago ;-)

Thanks for the infos.

This is an ARM-based (Marvell Kirkwood Feroceon 88FR131) appliance that is
running Debian 7.11. "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" provides no more
recent release of Samba. Is there a way to force APT to install a more
recent release?  I prefer using it to manage applications.

~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list
# deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ wheezy main

well, that's how Debian works adn especially appliances built on debian, but you need to consider something newer anyways


Security support until: 26 April 2016
Long-term support: May 2018

don't ask me what "long time support" is worth when security support ends a year before, i won't touch based on Debian anyways because of their idiotic backporting attitude even when upstream releases a update which only fix critical bugs and when i have to use testing repos in production i can then also install a sane distribution where i get packages like samba-4.5.10-0.fc25.x86_64

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