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[Samba] DNS troubles while manual upgrading Samba3 to Samba4?

Hi, guys.

I have DC on Samba 3.6. working for years so far.
Now it`s time to go forward, as it can`t provide enough security and flexibility. But reading Wiki on classicupgrade I see that there could be hell of problems, and anyway I`m bit scared of doing that at once. Even though I have more than 200 boxes I`d rather prefer to set up Samba 4 AD DC on separate server, set up new domain and then step by step, department by department join boxes to the new domain. (does it sound too crazy?)

But there is a major problem with DNS as I can see it: I`ll have to set up my new DC as a DNS server for my new domain. But I have DHCP + dynDNS now, so let`s presume that during this period when I have 2 domains one box in new domain gets an address from DHCP server, which DNS it should say "I`m XXX" to? It seems that I`ll have to have boxes with
two different names (pc.domain1 / pc.domain2) but it`s impossible.
Is there a/the step-by-step solution? Or is it the only one - just to jump into classicupgrade?

yours truly,


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