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Re: [Samba] Lowercase characters on GPO IDs in Samba source files

On Wed, 28 Jun 2017 21:44:05 +0100
Miguel Medalha via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Turns out that I was at least half-right, after all.
> I just opened the files contained in the last Samba release
> (contained in samba-4.6.5.tar.gz) and although the typos have been
> corrected in "./python/samba/provision/__init__.py", *they are still
> there* in "./examples/misc/adssearch.pl" and "./libgpo/gpo_util.c".
> It happened that, before my first post, I had peeked into 
> "./examples/misc/adssearch.pl" and it was there, that's why I posted.
> Can we solve this very simple matter once and for all? If I can help
> in any way, I will gladly do it.

OK, "6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9" is in 'adssearch.pl, this
probably needs fixing, but is not actually a priority, as I don't think
anybody actually uses that file.

"6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9" is also in gpo_util.c but
I don't really think it needs fixing because this is the code it is in:

#if 0 /* unused */
static struct gp_table gpo_default_policy[] = {
		"31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9" },
		"6AC1786C-016F-11D2-945F-00C04fB984F9" },

As you quite clearly see, that block of code is unused.

Do they need fixing Jeremy ?
If so, I will create patches.


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