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Re: [Samba] Upgrading samba from jessie (4.2) to stretch (4.5) in AD mode...

> > For any debian samba 4.1.x and debian samba 4.2.x upgrades to 4.5 and up 
> I've seend that (on list archive, or in some debian bugs, i don't
> remember) but seems not relevant to me bacause i've had just do
> 'classic upgrade', eg i was just in AD mode when upgrade from 4.2 to
> 4.5.

Ok, my collegue reply.

Simply and temporary commented out the:

	server role = active directory domain controller

in smb.conf, let dpkg do the postinst and then uncommented back.

Looking at the postinst script, seems that try to explicit run the
/etc/init.d/winbind init script, while in ad mode winbind is run by
other mean (samba-ad systemd stanza).

Better to fire up a bug in debian BTS?

> Because i've snapshotted the VM before doing the upgrade, i can give it
> a second try.
> But provide me some hints on steps to reproduce...

Offer still valid.

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