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[Samba] User management scripts in AD mode...

I'm testing the upgrade of some domains from NT mode (LDAP backend) to AD mode.

In NT mode i was (ab)used to the smbldap-tools to user management, and
i've also extended a bit to manage, eg, email aliases and forwarding.

Now, in AD mode, i can relay only to samba-tool, and seems to me that
something misses. Apart the 'reset password' in other thread, for

a) i've not found a way to modify a user: i can create and delete, but
 not modify it (as smbldap-usermodify do).

b) group management seems to me only ''group centric'', eg i can manage
 membership in group, but not in users; eg, i can modify members of a
group, but not modify groups of a user (as smbldap-usermodify do).

I'm simply ''confused'' by that, i'm asking only some feedback.
I'm looking at Samba4 and AD domains only by some weeks, so probably
there's good reason to do so, and i don't see them...

But i'm also ask a more generic question: smbldap-tools was perl code,
modular and was very easy to reuse most of the code to make some

I want to create some ''samba-user'' addon script, there's some code
documentation/walkthrou/examples... i can read on?

All the (modules) code is here, right?


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