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[Samba] How to remove duplicate zone names in Samba AD DNS


I have thousands of DNS entries like

in my Samba AD. I know that these records are conflicts between AD DC
synchronisation, and that I can remove it safely.

When I list the DNS with the command

samba-tool dns query localhost DOMAIN @ ALL

it appears that there is a \n between the host name (BA15-1073) and the
rest of the name (CNF:058373e2-f784-458f-8c7b-fbf76fa25694).

How could I use 'samba-tool dns delete' to remove this files ? I cannot
resolve the \n problem.

I use Samba 4.1.17 on Debian Wheezy, with Bind9 back end.

Thank you for your help.

Jean-Yves Boisiaud - Alcor Consulting
24, rue de la Glycine
49250 Saint Remy la Varenne
mobile : +33 6 63 71 73 46  fixe : +33 9 72 41 19 35
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