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Re: [Samba] Second DC won't start LDAP daemon

On 05/18/17 21:12, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

I always thought SIGILL was for un-alligned memory access, which is
slow but permitted on x86.  I guess get it under a debugger - if you
start it with

  gdb --args samba -M single -i

That should catch it pretty fast.

Not so easy: I had to install a newer gdb, since the stock one on FreeBSD is pretty useless on C++ code; then I had to compile Samba from source (after getting a port tree on that box). In the end I discovered it was a faulty gnutls package (possibly compiled with optimizations which are not allowed on this CPU?).
I recompiled that too and everything is working now.
Sorry for the noise.

 bye & Thanks

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