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[Samba] Samba printserver works for Win10 Pro but not Win10 Home edition


I have set up a Samba printserver at a school. The server is a standalone server, connected to no domain. I have installed printers with Cups, and uploaded Windows printerdrivers to the shared driver folder. I can add the shared printers in a Windows 10 Pro client, without any hassle. When I try the same in any Win 10 Home edition, I get Windows error messages like "error 0x000006d1" and likewise. This could possibly be fixed on each individual PC with a registry fix like this: http://blog.realcomputerguy.com/2013/06/fix-error-0x000006d1-using-level-3.html. The problem is, that we can not make such a demand to pupils on a school that brings their own device. I believe there must be a permission problem somewhere in my smb.conf, even if guests are allowed, permissions are set to 777 in all relevant folders etc.
Anyone that have experienced this ?


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