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[Samba] samba4 AD - some doubts and concerns

Hello guys,

*The scenario:*

Today we have a samba3 NT4 + openldap as database. This samba3 is in a
physical machine with freebsd and the openldap is in a VM. I plan to
install samba4 AD on a VM using debian and then as a member samba4 as

As a firewall we use pfsense and in it we have several vlans, where each
vlan has its dhcp server configured to distribute public IPs.

*Samba3 NT4:*

In freebsd I need to put each IP of the WINS servers (input in pfsense)
configured in the file /etc/rc.conf, as below, otherwise the machines do
not enter the domain.

> vlans_bce0="200 300 410 420 430 440 450 460 470 480 500"
> ifconfig_bce0_200="inet xxx.xxx.53.130/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_300="inet xxx.xxx.50.2/23"
> ifconfig_bce0_410="inet xxx.xxx.53.2/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_420="inet xxx.xxx.53.66/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_430="inet xxx.xxx.52.2/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_440="inet xxx.xxx.66/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_450="inet xxx.xxx.130/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_460="inet xxx.xxx.194/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_470="inet xxx.xxx.2/26"
> ifconfig_bce0_480="inet xxx.xxx.66/26"

I need to do this vlans settings in Samba4 AD?

Elias Pereira
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