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[Samba] system error 58 when guest connects from Win10

I cannot connect as guest from Win10 to Samba anymore,
since I removed "server max protocol = NT1"

  net use \\%IP%\testshare /user:"" "" /persistent:no

  System error 58 has occurred.
  The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

It works when I supply a userid and password.
It works from Win7.
It fails only in the combination Win10, SMB3, guest user.

Samba is version 4.5.8

smb.conf has these lines:
  server role = classic primary domain controller
  guest account = gast
  map to guest  = bad user

This is the share declaration:
    path = /srv/samba/files/archiv
    guest ok = yes
    read only = yes
    locking = no
    admin users = +smbadmin

The option "smb encrypt = off" does not help.
The option "server max protocol = SMB2_10" makes it worse.

A similar issue is described in
but that cites WinPE, not Windows 10.

Does smb signing require a userid?

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