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Re: [Samba] Problems with samba and profile syncing from various windows versions

Am 04.05.2017 um 10:22 schrieb Arnaud FLORENT via samba:
is there a way to setup the share and windows acl only from server command line?

Yes: smbcacls. It's really cool, but nobody seems to know it. :-)

The problem is, that we have (almost) no documentation about it. The only doc we have (man page), is really incomplete.

I recently started writing documentation about it. However, smbacls is currently not very user-friendly if you want to set fine-granular Windows ALCs. For this reason I decited to temporarily stop writing the documentation. Users won't use the tool if they have to add up multiple hex values to set fine-granular ACLs.

That's why I recommend you to set the ACLs on a Windows machine at the moment. It's nothing you often change after you set it up.


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