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Re: [Samba] Samba authentication using non-AD Kerberos?

On 2017-04-25, 15:40, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:
This looks like the instructions:

Thanks Andrew! This is quiet useful info.

Also, you still have to create all the user accounts on each Windows client, you just get to share the passwords.


All in all, you start to see why we built Samba's AD DC. You might not be able to use it, but we didn't think the alternative was practical either.

I brought up the question about using that in a forked thread, it seems like Rowland Penny thing it will be impossible either.

My requirement is simple, we have existing OpenLDAP and Kerberos authentication system, and I want MS Windows to be able to mount shares from my server using credentials from that authentication system. In the old days (Samba 3), it can use LDAP for login but doing that by storing password in LDAP field using unsecure encryption, and I cannot do that now. I thought now with Samba 4 it will be possible to do with Kerberos.

Thank you.

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