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Re: [Samba] Purge Trash Fileserver

Thanks for the answer.
The problem that this way is pretty much the same as my find.
I want you to be able to delete the file based on the date they were sent to the bin. As I gave in the example:

The file has not been changed since 2015, when it is deleted now in 2017, it goes to the bin, dated 2015, when the find pass will erase, why it does not validate when it has been deleted, but the file information.


Em 25-04-2017 10:20, Dario Lesca via samba escreveu:
Il giorno mar, 25/04/2017 alle 09.25 -0300, Carlos A. P. Cunha via
samba ha scritto:
My fileserver is a samba 4.5.4, in Ubuntu 14.04, is all ok.
My question is,

Have the recycle bin enabled, and would like a way to rotate the
already have something today that is via find

Find /mnt/samba -depth -mtime +30 -print -delete

This works however, it will delete the files inside the destination
more than 30 days, but this more than 30 days is not when it went to
bin but the date of the file, which does not change when it is
deleted .


File with date of 2015, was deleted now in 2017, when run the find
will erase this file, even if it was deleted on the same day.

What I would like is to see an alternative to find or when it goes
the bin it is changed (date) to find it to be correct.

Any idea ?

This is what I do for clear my trash:

# echo '/usr/sbin/tmpwatch --dirmtime --atime --force $[24*30] /u/samba/cestino/' > /etc/cron.daily/cestino
# chmod 755 /etc/cron.daily/cestino

The tricks is '--atime', then if you want still use your command with
find, you can try '-atime' find option.

Hope this help


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