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[Samba] Samba AD with internal DNS: Can't resolve aliases anymore


I've setup a Samba 4 based AD server a while ago and everything was
working fine for some time. However, since a few days it seems it
doesn't resolve aliases anymore. I can query them using the host
command, but a simple ping then fails to resolve the name:

% host alias1
alias1.altum.de is an alias for server1.
% ping alias1                                                             
ping: alias1: Name or service not known
% ping alias1.altum.de
ping: alias1.altum.de: Name or service not known
% cat /etc/resolv.conf
search altum.de

OTOH, if I try a non-existent alias, it looks like this:

% ping
ping: alias2: No address associated with hostname

Any ideas how to debug/solve this?

System is Debian Stretch with Samba 4.5.8, installed from packages.



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