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Re: [Samba] samba 4.6.2 for Debian Jessie available. ( amd64 only )

16.04.2017 5:34, Achim Gottinger via samba пишет:

Thinks worked out pretty smooth. Had to make the following adjustments
to backport the packages.

- Disable fPIE hardening because gcc or ld on wheezy did not support that.
- Remove python3 support from samba and a few helper packages
- Disable systemd support in the samba package
- Read add dbg packages to debian/control and make an small modification
to dh_strip in debian/rules so it works with debhelper Version 9.
- Add the keytab patch and an patch for aio memory leaks

Updates all my wheezy samba ad-cd's from sernet version 4.2 to
backported 4.6.2.

- Removed the sernet packages with aptitude remove so all config files
- Installed samba samba-drdb-modules samba-vs-modules packages
- Purged setting for  sernet-samba-winbind because it preventen winbind
from beeing installed.
- Installen winbind libnss-winbind linpam-winbind.
- Ran samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix on all servers. Restarted
samba-ad-dc and checked replication.

good checklist, Thanks!

So far it's all working well.

Thank you again for providing the jessie packages Louis.

Can you upload your backported packages anywhere? My servers also on wheezy.

Mike Lykov, system administrator

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