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[Samba] set file permission 755 in samba

I'm on FreeBSD 11 andI installed samba 36. When a user create a folder it
has 755 permission but when hhe create a file, it has 644 permission. I
want to set the file permission the same as folders but it dose'nt change.

*smb.conf:[global]...wins support = yesdns proxy = nounix extensions =
yesmap acl inherit = yesinherit permissions = yesposix locking = yesnt acl
support = yescreate mask = 0755force create mode = 0755strict locking =
nostore dos attributes = yescsc policy = disableinherit acls = Yesinherit
owner = no*
All of my shares are in a zfs pool and use from access list.

Thanks for your help.
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