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Re: [Samba] IPv6?

On 4/11/2017 10:45 AM, David Holder wrote:

> LLMNR, mDNS (aka Bonjour) can all provide IPv6 addresses but it might
> not be possible to use them for example if the nodes involved are not
> on the same link.

And LLMNR is windows-only, mDNS is not supported by Windows, so the only
inter-operable way is DNS?  Are there any other name resolution systems?

> Link local addresses should never be registered in DNS. However, they
> can be used in LLMNR and mDNS.

Why shouldn't they be registered in a .local domain?  Are they not
intended to be only on the LAN?

I manually assigned an fc00::/7 address to a Windows workstation and it
still does not appear to be registered to the dDNS.  Are these also
considered banned from DNS?

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