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Re: [Samba] Demoting offline DC on 4.3.11-Ubuntu

Hi Mickey,

Am 06.04.2017 um 00:50 schrieb Mickey Bankhead via samba:
I thought I would  shut down the old 2k8 broken DC and the 4.1.6 DC
servers, and then demote these "offline" servers?  BUT The samba.org howto
for demoting offline servers
says if you are running older than samba 4.4, then upgrade samba first
before demoting offline servers.   -  well - I am already running the
latest Ubuntu "official" samba - 4.3.11 -- Does this mean I should NOT try
and demote until I upgrade to 4.4?

Version prior 4.4 do not support demoting a remote server (--remove-other-dead-server).

If you need to demote the DC this way, you must update first.

> Ubuntu does not supply 4.4 yet - so I'd have to install from source -
> which I hate to do on a production server because I then have to
> manually maintain updates forever (instead of just running apt-get to
> update)...

You don't have to do it forever. You can always switch back, but you should not downgrade when doing the switch.

Does Ubuntu really not provide any newer packages? I mean 4.3 is the last series we support and it's EOL when 4.7 comes out. Or do you run an older Ubuntu version. Then consider upgrading. Newer versions also include much better AD support and maybe fixes your Win 2k8 problem if you retry joining.


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