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Re: [Samba] Filter query

El 05/04/17 a les 14:36, Juan García-Pardo via samba ha escrit:
Hi Luca, thank you very much for the tip. I’ve tried to run it with the filter the web page suggests and I got an empty set. I took a look at one of the user objects and I couldn’t see any samAccountType there.

On 04 Apr 2017, at 19:54, Luca Olivetti via samba <samba@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

El 04/04/17 a les 16:17, Juan García-Pardo via samba ha escrit:
The filter should be “get me the users that are not computers”

Try this:


Strange, I'm using the sAMAccountType=805306368 in all my filters and it's working here.


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