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[Samba] large memory usage while domain join


when i join my test domain (W2K8R2, 15.000 users and 15.000 groups) with samba 4.5.7 as rodc, samba-tool memory usage is increasing to 900MB while ntds.dat is only 150MB.
When i join my real domain (W2K8R2, ~130.000 objects, ~55.000 linked values) with the same compiled samba as rodc, i need more then 8GB of memory (2GB physical(hardware limitations) +  6GB swap). Ntds.dat is ~1.2GB


  1.  Is it normally, that samba-tool allocate 6xdatabase size from memory
  2.  Hold samba all partitions in memory till „Commiting SAM database“
     *   If ist true, is it possible to reduce memory usage while joining by split and committ he partitions?


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