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Re: [Samba] win7 DC logon waiting

On 3/20/2017 6:20 AM, Sebastian Gruner via samba wrote:

I've installed samba 4.5.3 as a domain controller and provisioned a domain.

Now I'm integrating the win7 machines as clients. If the clients are in the network, all is ok.
But if I use a notebook in a different network (for example at home) the win7 logon takes a very long time up to 2-3 minutes.

If I disconnect all network connections, the login is as fast as in the domain network. But it can't be true, that I have to unplug and plug the Ethernet-cable each time I want to login. Any suggestions to shorten the waiting-time / timeout? best case would be if there exists a gpo to edit, but all my researches doesn't get the results I want.

Thanks for help

Kind regards

Sounds like your workstation can't contact the domain when used at home. It fails over to the cached credentials at some point to authenticate. Try creating a GPO to not wait for network.

https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg486839.aspx <javascript:void();>

- James

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