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Re: [Samba] access DENIED for non-printserver bits


If it does not matter, tell me which printer driver version are you using.

It's a driver for a Ricoh MFP but that does not matter because the
install wizard never even starts (so I never even get to point to
a driver). The "Access denied" happens before the installation would
have started.

V3 or V4 that is one you should know, because if its a "V4" driver,
then its not supported by samba.
And samba doe only support non-packaged aware printer drivers. ( see wiki )

Are you using spoolss or spoolssd ?


Yes, I know WHERE it happens but not WHY... I need to know why so I can
do something about it.
Then provide the asked information, then i can help, without i can not.

And i hoop you did read :


Yes, I have seen those. This has been working before (Samba 3.x). The
problems have started with Samba 4.x.


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