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Re: [Samba] Public share ask for a password

Dear Christian,

Yes this is working config on samba server.

Hope mount line in /etc/fstab is not a problem.

#  mkdir  /share     //Just for try create a local directory on server.
# setenforce 0        //Disable selinux
//Change smb.conf
# testparm
# iptables -F;    iptables -F -t nat;         iptables -F -t mangle   
//Flush IP Tables
# /usr/sbin/smb -F -S  //Running in foreground                       
        <====Provide this o/p

//Try to access shares...


On 03/21/2017 06:52 PM, c.buhtz--- via samba wrote:
> Dear Amit,
> thanks for your fast reply. I am a bit surprised that you answer in
> HTML and doing TOFU despite that you come from a readhat.com mailbox. ;)
> On 2017-03-21 18:42 amit kumar <amitkuma@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Try this config
> I can not see a relevant difference between your config and mine. Can
> you explain which part of it would do the job?
>>     workgroup = WORKGROUP
> set
>>     security = user
> set
>>     map to guest = Bad User
> set
>>     passdb backend = tdbsam
> no need for it. set by default
>>     read only = no
> set by "writeble = yes"
>>     create mask = 0755
> not set. default is 0744. But don't see that this would affect my
> problem.
> If this was your working config than I would suggest that there is
> something wrong on my client site.
> kind
> Christian

Amit Kumar
There are three ways to get something done:
  (1) Do it yourself.
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