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Re: [Samba] different shares use parts of the same path - is this allowed?

On 16/03/17 16:38, Marc Muehlfeld via samba wrote:

Am 15.03.2017 um 15:39 schrieb lejeczek via samba:
something like this:

path = /data/big
writeable = no

path = /data/big/my
writeable = yes

path = /data/big/your
writeable = yes

is such a configuration healthy? What are possible negative implications
this may cause, if any?

There is no limitation. It works as expected.


thank chaps,
but what if one changes:

path = /data/big
writeable = yes

and multiple shares would have users writing, would Samba take of all this, locking racing or whatever devel calls it.
Still ok?

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