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Re: [Samba] Problems with replication and dns

Here we go again, I think it would be easier extracting teeth without
anaesthetic ;-)

> I copied the sysvol using rsync

How did you run rsync, what actual command did you use ??

> Another sysadmin has configured bind without using the integration
> with samba, this is the problem.

That is not what I asked and it sounds like Bind has been setup
incorrectly, it should be integrated with Samba, I suggest you post
your Bind conf files.

> I can not use the mmc plugin to manage the dns,  must do it directly
> in the bind configuration files.

You should be able to to use the mmc, probably got something to do with
your Bind setup.

> How could repair the dns database to use integration with bind?

I do not know, mostly because I do not know how you have set up Bind.

Can you please post your smb.conf 


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