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Re: [Samba] Access denied, and other problems, trying to administer printers


Am 07.03.2017 um 12:55 schrieb Åke Holmlund via samba:
It sounds like the problem that came up last summer, after MS updated
the Windows print spooler.
For details and how to fix it in a Samba AD, see:


I have seen that but I guess it does not apppy in my situation (NT-domain).

This should affect all print server installations, because it's something MS changed on the client and is independently of the type of print server (AD, NT4 domain, standalone)

You can easily figure out if this is your problem: Set up a new Win7
client without applying the
updates. If you can preconfigure drivers and connect to the printers
on this machine, then
MS16-087 is your problem.

Tested that but it still fails in the same way. Maybe I should have
mentioned that connecting to the printers and using them to print
> does work. It's just the management part that fails.

Even if you applied this patch, your users are able to connect the printer and use it - as long as the driver is already available on the client. This means, if one of your users connected the printer on a workstation before MS16-087, the driver was installed locally. For all users on this host that are connecting later to a printer that uses the same driver, the driver is not downloaded from the print server again (as long as it is not updated on the server).

Your situation sounds really like it is caused by this MS update. However, if you tested this with a fresh install without installing any updates, it's unlikely.

Can you please go through the following guides:
and make sure that everything matches your environment? Especially that you use an account that has the SePrintOperatorPrivilege privilege granted and is able to write to the print$ share. I rewrote both guides recently and verified them using Samba 4.5.3 or 4.5.4 on RHEL 7.3. However, I only checked Win8 and 10 (both 64-bit), not Win7.

If you verified that your settings matches what we have in our documentation and be sure that it's not related to the MS update, can you please put a level 10 debug log on pastebin (or any other paste service) that contains only the log entries when you click the action that fails? Additionally, your [global], [printers], [print$], and the section of an printer would be interesting.


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