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Re: [Samba] Access denied, and other problems, trying to administer printers

Hi Åke,

Am 06.03.2017 um 15:02 schrieb Åke Holmlund via samba:
Now we need to change some printing preferences and change one printer
driver, however I can not do any of those things any more (last time
> I did it we was running Samba 3.x...).

When I log in to a Win 7 computer as a domain administrator but when I try
to add a new driver, using the Print Management tool, I get Access Denied.
When I try to look att the printing defaults for a printer, I get a message
telling me that the printing defaults can not be shown. Same thing happens
when I try to look att det print settings for a printer.

It sounds like the problem that came up last summer, after MS updated the Windows print spooler. For details and how to fix it in a Samba AD, see:


You can easily figure out if this is your problem: Set up a new Win7 client without applying the updates. If you can preconfigure drivers and connect to the printers on this machine, then MS16-087 is your problem.

You can have a look at the *.admx files in C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\ on your Windows client to figure out what registry keys the two group policies update and manually set them using a *.reg file on each machine or by using NT4 policies. I think this should work.

If it works, please provide me the *.reg file with the settings and I will enhance the documentation to work around this problem in non-AD environments.


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