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Re: [Samba] Missing security tab samba 4.1.13

Am 06.03.2017 um 14:56 schrieb Bart Coninckx via samba:
missed that - but must be the case because he refers to RHEL7/CentOS7
which ships with 4.4.4 and not 4.1.x - anyways, the tree brelow the
install prefix is the same and the main part of the coniguration
lives below the lib folder whereever it is located and so the point
was just remove the configs itself won't reset completly

You, being (by the sound of it) a Red-Hat user, will very well know
that you cannot create an AD DC with Red-Hat packages yet, so, unless
you configure it differently, Samba puts everything into

Personally I find it an advantage of Samba living in /usr/local as it emphasizes that this Samba install is not created from packages and it represents it's own biotope because all relevant folders are in that one folder.

well, there is nothing different when you use rpmbuild and chose the prefix you want besides that:

* cleanup of orphan files
* simpe upgarde/downgrade because you have your prebuild .rpm files
* no need of devel-packages / compilers on the target machine
* no need to --exclude=/usr/local/smaba/var/lib/samba fpr rsync
  if you build on a different machine because rpm don't touch
  files which it didn't create
* easy re-use on serveral machines including a testing-one

the only real difference is that "make install" goes into the buildfolder - i don't see any advantage in "as it emphasizes that this Samba install is not created from packages" since for a decade now i override postfix, mysql, httpd, apr, php and so on on Fedora with self built packages and a higher epoch in the rpm-spec so that the own repos win

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