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[Samba] DDNS-filover in wiki

Hi Rowland,

you added the failover to your wiki:


It would be a good idea to explain some things. In your script you are
using the port 519 and 520 for the failover:
failover peer "dhcp-failover" {
  address dc1.samdom.example.com;
  port 519;
  peer address dc2.samdom.example.com;
  peer port 520;
  max-response-delay 60;
  max-unacked-updates 10;
  mclt 3600;
  split 128;
  load balance max seconds 3;
Why are you using this ports?
Are this ports TCP or UDP?
Will they be opened automatically?

A short explanation would be good. As I told you before, it's one of the
best howtos in the wiki.


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