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[Samba] Windows file directory creation permission confusion

Samba 4
Simple Samba file share, Domain Controller
Users - windows 7

I am having problems getting folder and file permissions to working properly from the Windows clients. No setting I change in smb.conf have any effect on files and folders created from windows clients. (I see this kind of question a lot other places so you must be tired of it.)

force create mode = 0770
force directory mode = 0770
create mask = 0660

I don't have any create/mask statements in the share as they do not seem to make a difference.
I am using a single large file share with sticky gid bit set (2774)

Goal: files created should have user as owner and sambashare as group with 774 permissions.

Folders are created with 2777 and set GID
Files created with 0766

When I started working on this folders were getting created with 2740. On the server I chmod g+rw on the share and now folders are created with 2777. (this doesn't make sense to me)

With every config change I reload the config file with (Ubuntu 16.04 lts):
sudo /etc/init.d/samba reload

mark B

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