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Re: [Samba] Randomly losing network share file communication

On 02/16/2017 01:41 AM, Jeremy Allison via samba wrote:
On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 05:23:32PM +0100, Izan Díez Sánchez via samba wrote:

Some users are experiencing problems working with files in Windows and Samba
shares within engineering applications. The sequence is as follows:
A user opens a file, e.g. a drawing, inside an application. The user works
fine for a while, but suddenly it cannot edit the file anymore. The only way
to continue working is closing and opening the file again, like if the
session had expired and a new one needed to be opened.

[2017/02/15 09:45:45.486989,  3]

Get a wireshark trace. This usually means a TCP RST packet
was receieved.

I've a similar problem.
The problem started when I replaced a Linux server and started to run a newer kernel.

As reported in a previous post (timeout after inactivity on mount.cifs 13/02/2017) I was mount.cifs and then tar directories on a Windows server 2008.

Workaround was to mount the Win2008 share *just* before starting to tar.

After delaying mounting the share just before using it I still have to experience the problem again.

I can't blame the new server hardware. Connection with the Windows 2008 seems solid. The script that simply does mount + tar is the same.

tar is not the culprit because mounting the share, leaving it unused for 30+ minutes doesn't let me ls into it.

What seems to be left is the new software running on the Linux server.
I don't know how many parts are involved in mount.cifs but up to my understanding the most probable culprit could be some regression in the kernel or some small print I didn't read and this is an expected behaviour that I simply didn't experience before.

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo
http://www.webthatworks.it http://www.borgonovo.net

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