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Re: [Samba] cifs-utils: regression in (mulituser?) mounting 'CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -126'

Hi Jeff,

So we have a default credcache for the user for whom we are operating
as, but we can't get the default principal name from it. My guess is
that it's not finding the

This mount is run by root UID=0 and seems to be find that credential cache without problem (earlier in the logs). The problem seems to come in when it tries to find the cache for user with UID=1494 .

I'm wondering if the scan of /tmp was helpful for finding caches of non-same users.

(I'm a little surprised that there is any attempt to find credentials of the non-root user at mount time - what happens if the non-root user hasn't kinit-ed yet? And yet that case worked in the past...)

Thanks for taking a look!

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