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[Samba] samba-tool domain classicupgrade smb_krb5_context_init_basic failed (Invalid argument)


I'm having trouble with the classic upgrade. We have three samba servers:

Server1: CentOS 5/Samba 3.6 (with smbldap-tools)
Server2: CentOS 6/Samba Version 4.2.14-SerNet-RedHat-23.el6
Server3: CentOS 7/Samba Version 4.2.14-SerNet-RedHat-23.el7

Server 1: CentOS 5/Samba 3.6 (with smbldap-tools)
Serves our OpenLDAP backend for centralised authentication (LDAP replicated to two other servers for
redundancy) and hosts all our Shares.

Server 2: CentOS 6/Samba Version 4.2.14-SerNet-RedHat-23.el6
Provisioned as an AD domain (samba-tool domain provision). This was not done as a classicupgrade but
was meant to eventually take over the roll of the Server1. Currently it serves our DNS using the
BIND9_DLZ plugin.

Server3: CentOS 7/Samba Version 4.2.14-SerNet-RedHat-23.el7
We're now looking to move to a domain and I thought I may as well test the classicupgrade on CentOS
using the same version of sernet as on Server 2 but there's an issue.

# samba-tool domain classicupgrade --debuglevel=3 --dbdir /var/lib/samba/bentley/ --use-xattrs=yes
--realm=mrc.motec.com.au --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ /etc/samba/smb.bentley.conf
Reading smb.conf
lp_load_ex: refreshing parameters
Initialising global parameters
Next rid = 13001
krb5_init_context failed (Invalid argument)
smb_krb5_context_init_basic failed (Invalid argument)

Is this a CentOS 6/7 difference issue or is the classicupgrade broken for Samba Version
4.2.14-SerNet? Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards,


Tom Robinson
IT Manager/System Administrator

MoTeC Pty Ltd

121 Merrindale Drive
Croydon South
3136 Victoria

T: +61 3 9761 5050
F: +61 3 9761 5051   
E: tom.robinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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