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Re: [Samba] Problems with winbind cache

On Fri, 3 Feb 2017 15:27:33 +0000
Roger Lovato <rogerlovato@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Rowland,
> Thanks for your explanation, but what I wanted to say with wbinfo, is
> that the AD (samba 4 as domain controller) is up and the database ok.
> My problem is focused on winbind that is not able to cache (or
> connect) to use get users on POSIX. Thanks for your setup and I'm
> setting up a new server for tests using your configuration. I'll let
> you know soon if the cache is being updated.

And what I was trying to get across was that even if a Samba AD DC is
working correctly, you will not get the underlying OS to recognise the
users in AD unless the libnss links and PAM are setup correctly.


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