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Re: Weird permission issue

On 5/7/19 12:33 PM, Larry Martell wrote:
> I have a PHP app and it runs from /var/www/html/foo. It writes to a
> log file in there log.txt. To do some testing I created a dir
> /var/www/html/foo.new and installed the code there. To switch back and
> forth I do this:
> mv  /var/www/html/foo  /var/www/html/foo.old
> mv /var/www/html/foo.new /var/www/html/foo
> When I do that I get an error writing to the log file:
> Error #2: fopen(/var/www/html/foo/log.txt): failed to open stream:
> Permission denied
> But if I switch back:
> mv  /var/www/html/foo  /var/www/html/foo.new
> mv /var/www/html/foo.old /var/www/html/foo
> I do not get the error. The code is identical in foo and foo.new and
> the perms and owner on log.txt is identical in too and foo.new. I have
> tried restating apache and rebooting the machine, but no joy.
> What could be causing the permission error?

Who owns the foo.new and the foo.old directories? That is most likely
where the problem is.


Willie Matthews
(702) 659-9966