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Re: How to Draw a Simple XY Graph

Thanks Marc.
Grafana looks wow.
My website is just a simple site for plotting some variables (stress, strain) on the Y-axis against time (X-axis). I was hoping PHP would have some built-in tools but it doesnt seem to.
Thanks again Marc.

Kenneth Gomez.

On Sat, 4 May 2019 at 17:42, Marc Roos <M.Roos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you are doing just one graph or so, you can mess around with php. But
if you have to do a lot of graphs, and maybe have something 'real time'.
Start looking at grafana like solutions.

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Dear All,

I am so sorry if this is such a trivial question but I am trying to earn
how to create a XY graph in PHP? All I can find are paid plugins. Does
PHP not support basic graphs? I've been through the manual at php.net
and my site is hosted on SiteGround.


Kenneth Gomez.
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