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RE: Directory worked by PHP on webserver

I suspect this is all systemd culprit because of the output, you have to set "PrivateTmp=false" on your webserver systemd control file.

For example, in apache on suse linux, you have to override it:
Execute: systemctl edit apache2

Paste in the below:

Then restart the service with systemctl restart apache2, in case of nginx it should be probably fpm config from the response you got earlier.

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Do phpinfo(); search the output for tmp and configure those for your 
path. With fpm you can also do something like this env[TEMP] =

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Hi Expert,
I have running php on a website. I am now facing a problem with 
location/directory working by php. I have tried to create and update a 
file on a linux server via web+php. Ultimately, I have come to know that 
it is working in this path 
cB/tmp/ instead of pure /tmp/. How do I configure and control where php 
should actually work on linux directory?
Could you please suggest how to overcome the issue?