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Re: Life getting to complicated?

On 24/04/2019 02:03, Mark Rousell wrote:
The servers are SUSE Linux, Nginx, assorted PHP-FPM for 5.x, 7.0 and 7.2 along with Firebird and MySQL for the Wordpress sites. Obviously in an ideal world all four servers would be visible from either line so that the BT one going down would not be a problem at all. Just reduced bandwidth till it's back 10 minutes later ... and I THINK the starting point for that is to have my own DNS servers on each line but now I am getting out of the comfort zone ... what I have does work the vast majority of the time so perhaps I leave it like that :)

This can get as complicated (and expensive) as you want. :-) Also it's not a PHP issue as such but, until someone tells me off, I'll comment here.

DEPLOYING PHP is just as important as simply using it. Comments on the Nginx and other lists can be equally negative when discussing cross tool areas ... I decided this year to get back to code and content which is why the distractions such as deployment drop outs and possibly losing access to Firebird does not help :(

I think you could do this with round robin DNS. You could have one public-facing DNS server on each broadband line (or even the same server serving both lines). The server or servers would be the authoritative DNS server(s) for the domains in question. These servers would resolve public DNS queries for the web servers in a round robin fashion, distributing served IP addresses roughly equally between the two lines. Ideally you'd need some sort of heartbeat checking so that the DNS server(s) can detect when one of the lines or servers has gone down and remove that line's or server's public IP DNS entry from DNS responses being served out (and replace it when the server or line comes back up).

This is another area where it can be a full time job and CURRENTLY I'm looking at domains registered across several registrars on several different DNS server systems so AM trying to decide how to streamline that. In an ideal world a nice PHP powered management tool to handle DNS settings, certificate renewals and all the other infrastructure would be nice? Just keeping certbot running at all is painful enough but adding local DNS may well be a necessary step ... unless Openreach run a fibre the last 100 mts and I can drop needing two lines at all! But then do we trust to a single supplier ... and cover the 10 fold increase in line charge ...

Perhaps it is time to simply scrap doing anything locally and just pay through the nose for someone else to deal with it all? And just get back to content.

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